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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whey is the way

Come home and do it the way Grandma did. Take a cucumber and slice it up. Buy a quart of natural plain yogurt and with your kitchen strainer and some cheese cloth or a sterile towel, put the yogurt in this simple sieve and allow the whey to drain out.

What is left is cream cheese that you can eat on crackers and the liquid whey.

Now put your cumbers in a quart Mason jar or Ball jar. It needs a tight sealing lid to keep oxygen away from your preserves. Add a little dill seed and a pinch of salt and four tablespoons of your whey liquid. Add just a little water, preferably distilled or processed water that is sterile and bacteria free.

Three days at room temperature or 72 degrees and you have preserved cucumber. You can keep it in the fridge for months.

Now what’s the point? Food manufacturers cannot use this method and you are missing an important nutrition in vitamins and especially lactic acid and lactobacilli in your digestive process.

Food processors pasteurize to kill all fermentation. Then they add nitrates, salt and mono-sodium glutamate.

You need real food, not processed crap. Come home to a real life and make your own food. It is not hard and it is fun.

Any vegetable and fruit can be preserved this way and the flavor is incredible.

Acknowledgement - Thanks Mike Vires for showing me the way of the whey.

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