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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


by Tj Ginn on Friday, January 7, 2011 at 2:07pm
I was inspired by my nephew's love loss.

Greek has four words for love…
Storge – affection
Philia – friendship
Eros – passionate/sexual
Agape – brotherly/parental also denoted as true love.

All of these types of love except Eros require no reciprocation i.e. you give love because you want to, while expecting nothing in return. Eros is selfish. Eros needs. Eros wants.

Eros is a lie, lose it. I love the Hibiscus flower; it has no capacity to love me in return.

Great expectations of love suffer only the searcher in vain and when discovered, my fickle nature, I loved only the idea of you loving me. I shroud this in a drape of images in my mind, your lovely face, your statures casual lean, your distinctive voice and your unique demeanor. I have this all wrapped up in a neat little package which are all the things I love about you. It was subtle and cautious as we tip toed into love, both willing and wanton to hear those words come from the lips. I love you.

And now that you have fallen into my lovers trap, I expect you to be the person I have imaged you to be. Familiar, unchanging and sure to respond with the words, I love you, when I beckon with the words of the same. And on the day that you don’t respond to my call for a love assured, I don’t love you, I don’t want you, I don’t need you, anymore. Because, short of your adorable aura, it was me loving me through the eyes of you, and like the true narcissists we are, you were only in the way of my greatest love which is me.

Now when you are done abusing yourself searching for that one true love, give yourself the greatest gift of agape the brotherly love. You love someone just because you love them with nothing in return. All else is wanton and lustful and vain and truly the God Eros is teasing you to fail at the price of your foolish heart. And when you catch them or you are caught, the lust will be done and what love have you, but none.

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