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Monday, September 19, 2011

God wants you broken and dead

You are trying to fix what is broken. You are trying to solve the insolvable. You want life eternal but your logic and intellect fails and in your angst you blame God. Who else can you blame for your condition? It is certainly not your fault. No one asked you if you wanted to be born and all of this is certainly not your solipsism.

Yet you support and promote… What is it that you support and promote?

You support violence, you support megalomania, you support idolatry and icons, and you support the love of the rich and famous and a machine that cannot stop its blatant consumption of more and more want and the slaves that feed its needs.

Come home to real life. It is possible. Just start a garden, read a book and slow down. What you need is right out your back door in the dirt.

Now about the broken and dead part, read “The Children of the Seven Hills” and you will understand.

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