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Friday, July 19, 2013

Personal Note

Rarely do I get curious feedback but then sometimes it comes.
“Oh so welcome, yet it comes.”

The question was, “I find that you repeat two statements often in your writings, one is ‘the differential’ and the other is ‘a god in heaven alone is the god of nothing.’ ” What is your reasoning? Why are you fixated on this?

Thank you, ‘anonymous’ for your query.

Are we allowed to consider all things? Are we brave enough? Do we have the right?

If you live, you have the right and you are allowed to consider all things. It does not matter whether you are brave enough, because truth is. However, truth can be confused with subjective observation and want.

In physics, the “uncertainty principle” or rather the probability that the observer affects the observation is always a consideration. How can one step outside of ones own realization to be truly objective? The answer is you cannot.

I entertain myself by asking acquaintances at special moments, “What is the meaning of life?” As they ponder I am prepared with a response. When they say, “I don’t know, maybe this or that…”

I respond, “You. You are the meaning of life,” and I continue. “You are the observer of life and the only meaning it has is what it means to you. Otherwise it has no meaning. You are the subjective purpose of your life. If the entire universe exists, it is of no matter except that it is rationalized by your entity which is you, and it must be of value to you and your self consideration. If it should not be about you and your self consideration then existence, as far as you are concerned it is of no value. Then by your own virtue, you and it (the universe) would cease to exist. The universe does not see you, you see it, but since you are made of the substance of the universe then you must be it, and it must be you.

No proof of your existence is necessary. You are.

One might consider the first law of thermodynamics. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. The second law is entropy.

Faint of heart, sleep lest you realize you can not - not be - or rather you cannot un-be. Death will render you to a new state, and remember energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Your entity is an energy that cannot be destroyed.

Thus I now expound on to the first question of my so called fixation, “the differential”

Nothing can be realized without differentiation. If all matter was homogenous the universe would be at a complete entropic state. No particles would collide or touch each other and no existence could be realized. No heat, no cold, no light nor darkness by virtue of light, no hard, no soft, no pressure or vacuum which is the lack of pressure. There would be no differentiation; there would be no possibility of space or time.

Now consider… Rather than belaboring the causality of our existence and origin such as the “Big Band,” we by experiment, portend to accept that we and the universe exist and as a truly existential objective observation, the universe and existence itself, is the definition of the eternal and infinite. That by its (the universe) very nature and (us) made of the substance of the universe are anything other than infinite and eternal. That is to say, the existential nature of infinity and eternity is in itself us. The oddity and impossibility is infinite entropy and no differentiation.

If you disagree I would contend that you do not have a grasp of infinity or eternity or probability over infinite time. It in itself allows for infinite dimensions and possibilities of existential realms.

The only consideration becomes one of physical scientific proof. Thus is my dedication to the differential as a concept. It is by differentiation that we perceive all things, be it physical or metaphysical. It is by this manner that I have juxtaposed the underlying psychological motivations of the human animal.

When I reiterate the expression, Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace, these are differentials which appear in us all as causality for why we do what we do in social interaction.

As to my quip, “A God in Heaven Alone is the God of Nothing”

Having been a biblical researcher and self professed theologian, I approach God as a child would his father. To explain… a child has no fear of its father, if its father loved and cherished the child. Since my experience as a child imbued in me my fathers love, I ask anything without fear or reprisal even of the proverbial God. Searching human nature and my very soul I came to a conclusion. I only exist because of you and without you, I am sad and sorrowful and miserably alone. I need you to be, I need you to be so that I’m not alone. In this I contend that again because of differentiation the state of loneliness and separation is juxtaposed to love, acceptance and joy. Even if there are times when you cast me out and force your hate on me such that I should hate you, I know the depths of eternal loneliness, when you find yourself a vagabond such that all despise you, and to this I say I want death and separation from my anguish that I should be alone, eternally alone weeping that I have failed to find anyone kindred. I contend that the most sorrowful state is to be unappreciated and unloved, and I contend that this is the soul of you and the manner in which you were made. And if this is not the manner in which you were made then it is not of God for the greatest failure of God would be to be unloved and thus I say, “For a God in Heaven Alone is the God of nothing.”

Search your soul for this biblically is “the image with which you were made,” one of Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace, the seven spirits of God spoken of in the book of Revelation. You are set in tribulation in this realm by reason, by necessity for differentiation and separation to find your very nature. This is a trial, a forging, a test for a just and tyrannical demand, the demand of love. For the final state of your quantum mechanical existence is the realization that you cannot cease to be and to your great joy or eternal shame, you are what you are, good or evil.

And the final state…

Love, Joy and Grace and infinites' challenge, which is that of boundless creation and invention. Think not? Then your feeble mind has decided all infinity resolved to your own understanding and the differential to your thinking is zero which is impossible because zero does not exist.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Existential Portrayal of the Spirit

An Existential Portrayal of the Spirit
(In Other Words – Ideology)

Define the world as mineral, animal and spirit.
Mineral such as solid, liquid and gas.
Animal such as animated mechanical mineral.
Spirit, as in a metaphysical manipulation of the mineral.

Amino acidic protein formation animated the base forms of matter.
Solid, liquid and gas in an amorphous reaction of differentials of
Light and dark, hard and soft, hot and cold,
differentiated into a stratum.
Now this is an existential observation that can be translated -
into a spectrum.

The differential by analysis is mysterious.
The spectrum of elements is periodic but broken with elements that should be but are not.
These are found as elements that can be created but whose life span is periodically short.

Belay the mechanical consideration in lust for the metaphysical.

Imbued in the human experience is the spirit that motivates the mineral.
This animated mineral, amino acidic protein, differentiated into an evolved organism over eons of time. This highly evolved chemical machine speaks and has the capability to manipulate, not only its mineral form but also the other mineral and animal forms within its realm.

So thus you have animals such as humans that walk and talk and express ideas to influence and/or manipulate other mineral forms.

Curious enough is the amazement that mineral became animated, but that the result presented a metaphysical consciousness which looked back upon itself with observation.

“I am thinking therefore I am.”

One must consider that ideas are but vapor upon the wind.
Mineral speaks and records on paper and now other media its spirit or rather ideas.

If you erase the paper or memory, the ideas or ideology are lost.
Without remembrance or documentation by whatever media,
the mindset or ideology is lost.

Existential observation indicates that the instinct for survival exists in all species.
Pure and simple is the mineral/animal’s fight for life and with fierce carnality it fights to live.

“To be or not to be?”

Is this the spirit?

Consider the metaphysical manifestation of the will of the mineral?
Cast into space upon the wind, by screech and cry, by scream and whimper, on breath of air and by word.

The Differential

Light is. Darkness is the lack of light.
Hard is. Softness is the lack of hardness
Heat is, cold is the lack of heat.

Metaphysical Differential is not tangible.
It exists only by virtue of the spoken word.
Like vapor on the wind it is delicate and temporal.

Love vs. Hate
Joy vs. Grief
Right vs. Wrong
Justice vs. Injustice
Good vs. Bad
or rather
Good vs. Evil

These differentials do not exist physically they only exist metaphysically.
And in the scope of epochs of time it could evaporate in one simple
cataclysmic event that reduces the human race to dust.

The question is - like spring from the death of winter and
seed germinating from the ashes of fire,
would the metaphysical ideology or spirit emerge when there is no physical
documentation or memory to carry it forward.

Since Justice and its concept only exists in the human animal metaphysically as an idea,
would it again emerge from cataclysm.

Through trials and tribulations and evolution would the concept of
justice again emerge from the abyss like the animated mineral emerged?

We are physical stuff that moves by the virtue of the needs for survival like every animal.

The spirit is a vaporous word transmitted through the air from being to being.
However it conveys the entity from which it emerges.
Thus I am the mineral that speaks.
Thus you are.
And thus justice and justification for your right to life is defended by you, life and limb.

And the trial of your right to exist is held in the court of the theater of the world,
where your vaporous ideas are tested.

Salutations to Herman Hess

I hope to be laughed out of court.