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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Organic growing - I did this

Postage stamp repeatable organic growing technique. I did this on my farm in Texas.

It uses southern climate abilities. I am giving this away because I am old and failing
and I fear it will be lost.

Look closely, it uses water holds with fish and aquatic life that feed beneficial insects like dragonflies and wasps and ladybugs that eat the detrimental insects that destroy crops. It uses nitrogen fixing sugar cane as fertilizer and phosphorus from the self provided fish. It uses solar distillers to provide fresh water from wells that feed and water the fields.

It uses native citrus tree for necessary acidification and the native forests for wind block and protection.

The sugarcane is mulched and cast into the fields periodically as well as the citrus. In northern climates this could be replaced with legumes (beans) and apples or wild pears. The fish ponds are essential and will work anywhere.

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