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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Societal despondence, your true Angst

You can’t agree on anything. You don’t like each other. You need to get away, but there is no where to go except out.

It is not your fault. There is something seriously wrong with human society. Can it be fixed?

The wilderness used to provide you with your escape where you could run and be wild with no law, but that is gone. You circle in on each other in your society and point and blame and imprison each other for your lack of your wild freedom and you do unjust entrapment and murder.

Your children are born to your disease of megalomania and oppression under the guise of your historical struggle for freedom when truly you are a carnivorous beast with no sense of the ideology that compels you. God save that you would have a brain to stop your lust.

Stop. Stop building, stop fornicating, stop illegitimacy of the child, stop gambling, stop lying, stop hating, stop being prideful, stop killing, and stop your wicked imaginations.

But I fear you are not smart enough to know the six, yea seven things that the Lord doth hate.

Can it be fixed? I fear not.

TJ Ginn

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