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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


by Tj Ginn on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 8:52am
It does not matter that the right wing has no answer to the economic problems. They have suffered demagoguery so long that they follow failure without question. Playing on the fear that the communists are taking over and taxes on the rich prevent job creation and trickle down bread crumbs. The relaxation of regulations and taxes on megalomaniacs has allowed the wholesale stripping of manufacturing from this country for cheap labor. The balance of trade shifted and product influx continued by unregulated banks lending and encouraging lending beyond any ability of the population to absorb (consume) the inventory (inflated housing). We cannot be apologetic about the need to govern; especially the governance of the powerful. We the people, all of us, govern this country, not the rich. Megalomania is a disease that is festered by deregulation. There is a communist hiding in our society they claim and we the right wing will save you from him if only you will elect us to defend you and protect your freedom. They love dividing people united in a common cause because in anarchy you can steal much. The wilderness is gone, there is no place to hide, we must live together and share our resource and limit our consumption by the rule of law and the constitution of the United States that protects that law.

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