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Friday, November 24, 2017

Ignorance vs. Stupidity

Ignorance vs. Stupidity 
In no manner should one be so cruel as to hold one accountable for not knowing a priori in this incredibly complex existence.

I contend that darkness requires no creation but is only revealed by the virtue of the light; that light is and darkness is the lack of light.

Likewise even God cannot be held accountable for the creation of darkness. This would hold also that ignorance requires no creation and that any sentient being that comes into existence from a previous state of nonexistence is incapable of knowing a priori. Thus God is not responsible for the creation of ignorance; that it requires no creation and exists a priori; however it is logically possible for one to know that ignorance is an existential condition of all new entrants to this realm. We know a priori that our children are empty vessels with the exception of basic instincts and wants. They are ignorant through no fault of their own or Gods.

One might consider that we are in a continual condition of ignorance until time unfolds in the present to reveal the day’s teachings and in past tense only can we say we understand.

Memory, if it serves us well guides us through a maze of decisions on a daily basis that as we mature we do not make the same mistake twice. If we do make a mistake twice, one then chastises oneself and we might respond as our inner voice states, “How stupid I was. I already knew this,” as we then correct our mistake a second time vowing that it will never happen again.”

Thus we released the worst condemnation we could upon ourselves which to use the word ‘stupid.’
If one is a kind person, one would never use this term on anyone but ones self and interestingly enough we generally use it on ourselves quite often and if you don’t perhaps you should. I digress.

By dictionary definition stupid is … “having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.” I use a quip at times in an attempt to be humorous, it is that the definition of stupid is, “one that could learn but refuses.”

So we now come to the purpose of this soliloquy. It is in consideration of the clich√© “Crazy stupid love.”

It seams to me that the one thing that human beings take so long to learn and stupidly will return to where they have failed time and time again is the trough of romantic love. One wishes to drink even though they having been to the trough before had only found it empty or even the water poison.
Now youthful ignorance is excusable as youthful ignorance and thus it gets a pass perhaps several times. As statistics would show those persons in matrimonies that last is approximately fifty percent of the total population. If one assumes that matrimonies that last equate to love’s success then we are left to the other fifty percent that are mysterious wanderers or searchers or lost vagabonds on the sea of love.
There is perhaps a percentage that feel they have come to the logical understanding that romantic love is a contrivance and in fact does not exist. 

These I would contend are the ones that through ignorance and stumbling actually learned something and can free themselves from the definition of stupid.

I would contend that romantic love is like casting your fate to the wind, it is something ignorant children do with bliss. The heart of a sage hardened by failure learns…

One loves a flower because it is beautiful not because the flower loves them in return.
One does not love by choice nor is one loved by demand.
You love just because you love and if you are loved in return rejoice.

So therefore I am not stupid. 
That is until the next time.

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