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Monday, January 9, 2012


            One is drawn to the base to gain definition, who am I, what am I, where am I and what is right and what is wrong or rather what can I do and what is contemptible.

            Perhaps contemptible is too erudite for one must consider the differential.

You would do nothing unless you must.

What does this mean?

You would not get out of bed unless the coals on the fire were not warming you enough.

I do digress to an earlier age when one had to stoke the fire for warmth.

Misanthropic delusions of this age of ease, you merely turn up the thermostat on your gas fired furnace and digitally control your comfort.  

What is worse is that you are too ignorant to understand how the computer integration of your digitally controlled thermostat works.

This is the isolation and separation. You do not understand your realm. You click and paste and play the surface of what is completely manipulated beneath you.

You have allowed it. It is increasing in complexity and no one is responsible.

Try and find someone who will take responsibility.

Come home and plant some seeds and grow real food. You can’t eat a digital phone and video games get boring.

TJ Ginn
For the love of real life.

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