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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Do your social studies homework and what you will find is ideology. It is the continual argument as to who has the right to life and by what means. Don’t let anybody fool you that this is a complex subject. It is all about who owns what, who gets what and who the boss is. In the USA we have a bunch of lying thieves called the congress who dole out the goodies to their buddies and get paid to do it. It is complete hypocrisy with demagoguery playing on the ignorance of the people to sway votes to their side.

What is right? Less government, less rules, low taxes, conservative or more government, more rules, tax controls liberal.

The communist model by Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin turned into a fascist dictatorship and it failed because without individual autonomy and private ownership, pride, ambition and property protection disappears. Communal property becomes dilapidated because no one cares about it.

The concept of communism came about because unbridled capitalism and its ambition to possess leaves the proletariat working class people in poverty with municipalities devastated in waste. The wealthy entrepreneur with cash in hand moves away and lives elsewhere.

Our system in the USA attempts to balance the protection of the individual and the pride of ownership and not let the Capitalist run away with all the money leaving the working people that made them rich with nothing. There you have it. SOCIALISM. Our brand of socialism is the continual protection of the individual with freedom and opportunity and the law to prevent the wholesale rape by capitalists to take no responsibility to the community of the human race.

Everyone wants freedom, everyone deserves life and no one owns the natural resources and that includes oil and natural gas and the companies who use it should pay us for the privilege. Your cost of living is directly related to fuel costs and those prices are fixed by the oil barons that are nested together to keep prices high.

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