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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A young confidant said to me, “I find the idea of everlasting life absurd in that he would be bored with everything being the same and there would be nothing more to do.” I responded, “Interesting, perhaps ignorance is then bliss, that continuance is best served by the new born, yet unfettered mind?, for if you continue too long you are not impressed with the value of your existence?”

He said, “Logically, if all things were accomplished, he would rather not be than to continue in eternal monotony.” I responded, “Thus is the error of finite thinking that resolves itself to conclusion that eternal life has limitations.”

And now a consideration of relativity as in Einstein’s consideration of time, absolute zero is impossible. This means that for all eternity to pass in zero time would equate to non existence, thus eternity is just that, “eternal.” The progression through time is relative to the observer’s velocity, but velocity relative to what?

Consider Descartes’ existential proof, “I am thinking, therefore I am.” Extended in an objective consideration, “We are thinking, therefore we are.” Thus non existence is disproved, albeit only temporally over the course of recorded history.

Duration or time is only relative to memory, and everlasting life only has meaning if finite life is remembered and thus the differential. You could not know the eternal unless you first know the finite; or rather you must die to live. It can be no other way.

To assume that you understand and have conclusion in your finite realm and thinking only shows your simple limitations.