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Friday, November 24, 2017

Ignorance vs. Stupidity

Ignorance vs. Stupidity 
In no manner should one be so cruel as to hold one accountable for not knowing a priori in this incredibly complex existence.

I contend that darkness requires no creation but is only revealed by the virtue of the light; that light is and darkness is the lack of light.

Likewise even God cannot be held accountable for the creation of darkness. This would hold also that ignorance requires no creation and that any sentient being that comes into existence from a previous state of nonexistence is incapable of knowing a priori. Thus God is not responsible for the creation of ignorance; that it requires no creation and exists a priori; however it is logically possible for one to know that ignorance is an existential condition of all new entrants to this realm. We know a priori that our children are empty vessels with the exception of basic instincts and wants. They are ignorant through no fault of their own or Gods.

One might consider that we are in a continual condition of ignorance until time unfolds in the present to reveal the day’s teachings and in past tense only can we say we understand.

Memory, if it serves us well guides us through a maze of decisions on a daily basis that as we mature we do not make the same mistake twice. If we do make a mistake twice, one then chastises oneself and we might respond as our inner voice states, “How stupid I was. I already knew this,” as we then correct our mistake a second time vowing that it will never happen again.”

Thus we released the worst condemnation we could upon ourselves which to use the word ‘stupid.’
If one is a kind person, one would never use this term on anyone but ones self and interestingly enough we generally use it on ourselves quite often and if you don’t perhaps you should. I digress.

By dictionary definition stupid is … “having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.” I use a quip at times in an attempt to be humorous, it is that the definition of stupid is, “one that could learn but refuses.”

So we now come to the purpose of this soliloquy. It is in consideration of the cliché “Crazy stupid love.”

It seams to me that the one thing that human beings take so long to learn and stupidly will return to where they have failed time and time again is the trough of romantic love. One wishes to drink even though they having been to the trough before had only found it empty or even the water poison.
Now youthful ignorance is excusable as youthful ignorance and thus it gets a pass perhaps several times. As statistics would show those persons in matrimonies that last is approximately fifty percent of the total population. If one assumes that matrimonies that last equate to love’s success then we are left to the other fifty percent that are mysterious wanderers or searchers or lost vagabonds on the sea of love.
There is perhaps a percentage that feel they have come to the logical understanding that romantic love is a contrivance and in fact does not exist. 

These I would contend are the ones that through ignorance and stumbling actually learned something and can free themselves from the definition of stupid.

I would contend that romantic love is like casting your fate to the wind, it is something ignorant children do with bliss. The heart of a sage hardened by failure learns…

One loves a flower because it is beautiful not because the flower loves them in return.
One does not love by choice nor is one loved by demand.
You love just because you love and if you are loved in return rejoice.

So therefore I am not stupid. 
That is until the next time.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Personal Note

Rarely do I get curious feedback but then sometimes it comes.
“Oh so welcome, yet it comes.”

The question was, “I find that you repeat two statements often in your writings, one is ‘the differential’ and the other is ‘a god in heaven alone is the god of nothing.’ ” What is your reasoning? Why are you fixated on this?

Thank you, ‘anonymous’ for your query.

Are we allowed to consider all things? Are we brave enough? Do we have the right?

If you live, you have the right and you are allowed to consider all things. It does not matter whether you are brave enough, because truth is. However, truth can be confused with subjective observation and want.

In physics, the “uncertainty principle” or rather the probability that the observer affects the observation is always a consideration. How can one step outside of ones own realization to be truly objective? The answer is you cannot.

I entertain myself by asking acquaintances at special moments, “What is the meaning of life?” As they ponder I am prepared with a response. When they say, “I don’t know, maybe this or that…”

I respond, “You. You are the meaning of life,” and I continue. “You are the observer of life and the only meaning it has is what it means to you. Otherwise it has no meaning. You are the subjective purpose of your life. If the entire universe exists, it is of no matter except that it is rationalized by your entity which is you, and it must be of value to you and your self consideration. If it should not be about you and your self consideration then existence, as far as you are concerned it is of no value. Then by your own virtue, you and it (the universe) would cease to exist. The universe does not see you, you see it, but since you are made of the substance of the universe then you must be it, and it must be you.

No proof of your existence is necessary. You are.

One might consider the first law of thermodynamics. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. The second law is entropy.

Faint of heart, sleep lest you realize you can not - not be - or rather you cannot un-be. Death will render you to a new state, and remember energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Your entity is an energy that cannot be destroyed.

Thus I now expound on to the first question of my so called fixation, “the differential”

Nothing can be realized without differentiation. If all matter was homogenous the universe would be at a complete entropic state. No particles would collide or touch each other and no existence could be realized. No heat, no cold, no light nor darkness by virtue of light, no hard, no soft, no pressure or vacuum which is the lack of pressure. There would be no differentiation; there would be no possibility of space or time.

Now consider… Rather than belaboring the causality of our existence and origin such as the “Big Band,” we by experiment, portend to accept that we and the universe exist and as a truly existential objective observation, the universe and existence itself, is the definition of the eternal and infinite. That by its (the universe) very nature and (us) made of the substance of the universe are anything other than infinite and eternal. That is to say, the existential nature of infinity and eternity is in itself us. The oddity and impossibility is infinite entropy and no differentiation.

If you disagree I would contend that you do not have a grasp of infinity or eternity or probability over infinite time. It in itself allows for infinite dimensions and possibilities of existential realms.

The only consideration becomes one of physical scientific proof. Thus is my dedication to the differential as a concept. It is by differentiation that we perceive all things, be it physical or metaphysical. It is by this manner that I have juxtaposed the underlying psychological motivations of the human animal.

When I reiterate the expression, Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace, these are differentials which appear in us all as causality for why we do what we do in social interaction.

As to my quip, “A God in Heaven Alone is the God of Nothing”

Having been a biblical researcher and self professed theologian, I approach God as a child would his father. To explain… a child has no fear of its father, if its father loved and cherished the child. Since my experience as a child imbued in me my fathers love, I ask anything without fear or reprisal even of the proverbial God. Searching human nature and my very soul I came to a conclusion. I only exist because of you and without you, I am sad and sorrowful and miserably alone. I need you to be, I need you to be so that I’m not alone. In this I contend that again because of differentiation the state of loneliness and separation is juxtaposed to love, acceptance and joy. Even if there are times when you cast me out and force your hate on me such that I should hate you, I know the depths of eternal loneliness, when you find yourself a vagabond such that all despise you, and to this I say I want death and separation from my anguish that I should be alone, eternally alone weeping that I have failed to find anyone kindred. I contend that the most sorrowful state is to be unappreciated and unloved, and I contend that this is the soul of you and the manner in which you were made. And if this is not the manner in which you were made then it is not of God for the greatest failure of God would be to be unloved and thus I say, “For a God in Heaven Alone is the God of nothing.”

Search your soul for this biblically is “the image with which you were made,” one of Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace, the seven spirits of God spoken of in the book of Revelation. You are set in tribulation in this realm by reason, by necessity for differentiation and separation to find your very nature. This is a trial, a forging, a test for a just and tyrannical demand, the demand of love. For the final state of your quantum mechanical existence is the realization that you cannot cease to be and to your great joy or eternal shame, you are what you are, good or evil.

And the final state…

Love, Joy and Grace and infinites' challenge, which is that of boundless creation and invention. Think not? Then your feeble mind has decided all infinity resolved to your own understanding and the differential to your thinking is zero which is impossible because zero does not exist.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Existential Portrayal of the Spirit

An Existential Portrayal of the Spirit
(In Other Words – Ideology)

Define the world as mineral, animal and spirit.
Mineral such as solid, liquid and gas.
Animal such as animated mechanical mineral.
Spirit, as in a metaphysical manipulation of the mineral.

Amino acidic protein formation animated the base forms of matter.
Solid, liquid and gas in an amorphous reaction of differentials of
Light and dark, hard and soft, hot and cold,
differentiated into a stratum.
Now this is an existential observation that can be translated -
into a spectrum.

The differential by analysis is mysterious.
The spectrum of elements is periodic but broken with elements that should be but are not.
These are found as elements that can be created but whose life span is periodically short.

Belay the mechanical consideration in lust for the metaphysical.

Imbued in the human experience is the spirit that motivates the mineral.
This animated mineral, amino acidic protein, differentiated into an evolved organism over eons of time. This highly evolved chemical machine speaks and has the capability to manipulate, not only its mineral form but also the other mineral and animal forms within its realm.

So thus you have animals such as humans that walk and talk and express ideas to influence and/or manipulate other mineral forms.

Curious enough is the amazement that mineral became animated, but that the result presented a metaphysical consciousness which looked back upon itself with observation.

“I am thinking therefore I am.”

One must consider that ideas are but vapor upon the wind.
Mineral speaks and records on paper and now other media its spirit or rather ideas.

If you erase the paper or memory, the ideas or ideology are lost.
Without remembrance or documentation by whatever media,
the mindset or ideology is lost.

Existential observation indicates that the instinct for survival exists in all species.
Pure and simple is the mineral/animal’s fight for life and with fierce carnality it fights to live.

“To be or not to be?”

Is this the spirit?

Consider the metaphysical manifestation of the will of the mineral?
Cast into space upon the wind, by screech and cry, by scream and whimper, on breath of air and by word.

The Differential

Light is. Darkness is the lack of light.
Hard is. Softness is the lack of hardness
Heat is, cold is the lack of heat.

Metaphysical Differential is not tangible.
It exists only by virtue of the spoken word.
Like vapor on the wind it is delicate and temporal.

Love vs. Hate
Joy vs. Grief
Right vs. Wrong
Justice vs. Injustice
Good vs. Bad
or rather
Good vs. Evil

These differentials do not exist physically they only exist metaphysically.
And in the scope of epochs of time it could evaporate in one simple
cataclysmic event that reduces the human race to dust.

The question is - like spring from the death of winter and
seed germinating from the ashes of fire,
would the metaphysical ideology or spirit emerge when there is no physical
documentation or memory to carry it forward.

Since Justice and its concept only exists in the human animal metaphysically as an idea,
would it again emerge from cataclysm.

Through trials and tribulations and evolution would the concept of
justice again emerge from the abyss like the animated mineral emerged?

We are physical stuff that moves by the virtue of the needs for survival like every animal.

The spirit is a vaporous word transmitted through the air from being to being.
However it conveys the entity from which it emerges.
Thus I am the mineral that speaks.
Thus you are.
And thus justice and justification for your right to life is defended by you, life and limb.

And the trial of your right to exist is held in the court of the theater of the world,
where your vaporous ideas are tested.

Salutations to Herman Hess

I hope to be laughed out of court.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Where Love is made

For this is where love is made.

For I have tried my children in the fire of infirmity; in the incomprehensible pain of the flesh.

They are left alone in the dark without guidance or light to see.
I must at my own anguish leave them alone to see, to see if they are of mine own sinew.

If they are of mine own, if they are of mine heart, they will surely, truly be kindred.

Love cannot be demanded only offered and it is only seen through longing.

In the midst of love it is squandered and taken for granted and thus it is only seen when lost.

For in the differential of having and not having is the realization and true definition that gives love its deepest meaning.

Thus the reason for the universe and all existence is love and a God who incomprehensibly demanded it and went away in anguish for this tyrannical demand.

There can be no other way. You must lose to gain. You must die to live.

And, a God in heaven alone is the God of nothing.

You think this is without design, that all of existence just happened?

Look deep and you will see your want; your want to be, your want to go somewhere, your want to do something, your want rise above this earthly, fleshly, limited realm.

You want.

You want to reach someone, to tell someone, to hear someone, to be recognized by someone and to recognize someone.

And a God in heaven alone is the God of nothing.

While the frustration of your limited time, and your frustration with your limited ability and your frustration with others ability to understand your frustration, your reaching, your longing to do and accomplish and to aid and comfort and fix the ills of all is so sorrowfully misunderstood.

So this is where love is made, when you are dried up and all you strength is gone in your anguish to demand love. You came with all your heart to do that spirit that is in you, that thing that you are, this soul, this entity which is you, which is how you were made.

In the image of God were you made, that of Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace and you are swimming in the void, in darkness hoping and thus you are kindred. For you are kindred and like God knowing God's want.

For a God in heaven alone is the God of nothing.

For this realm is truly designed. It is designed to find the lonely, the broken and the wanton heart that will cherish life even at the cost of its own, lest forever you are alone, lest forever you be alone.

And, love was nailed to a tree, not the tree of good and evil but of life.

Friday, August 31, 2012


I came upon a couple of young cohorts’ of the zeitgeist mentality.
They were embroiled in a heated conversation of their frustration with their material situation. Basically they felt outside of the wealth and prosperity they see around them and were assured that the design of society was to keep them from reaching the brass ring and they themselves from being rich.

I listened knowing that at this point in the conversation I could not get the 'proverbial word' in edgewise. I made a little squeaking sound and they said, “What is that?” I said the cliché, “It is a word trying to get in edgewise.”

I then said, “What is Happiness,” and I reminded them of the ‘Declaration of Independence’ which states the equality of men and the right to the pursuit of happiness. I then ask them to define happiness.

They pondered for a moment as I goaded them with my favorite spiel which is as I stated first rapidly, “Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace.” They said, “What?” So I repeated, “Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace,” and I iterated, “I’m happy when I love, have Joy and Grace and I’m dismayed when I hate have grief or fear or jealousy.

And I continued which is hard to do when a sage is trying to get into the minds of the young. I said, “Let’s start with jealousy.” I started with jealousy because that is what I could hear so pronounced in their conversation.” I said, “The primary needs of the human animal are, food, shelter and clothing.” This is grade school social studies education which is often overlooked because it is not really put into context.

I continued with Socratic dialog, “Do you have Food?” They said, “Yes but cheap stuff not that of the rich, like expensive steak and lobster.” To which I rolled my eyes and admonished them to continue to listen. I said, “Do you have shelter?” One of them still lived at home with his parents and the other had an apartment. The one with the apartment acknowledge that he had a crummy little apartment. I continued with, “And, you both look like you have clothes and are quite well dressed.” They agreed.

I said, “So you have all of the basic necessities which if you did not have these I would account that with unhappiness. But since you have these I should say you are happy that you are not poor.” Of course this did not please them.

They started in with a malaise of the ‘oppression by the rich’ and ‘their long hours and low pay’ and again I made a squeaking sound trying to break in, “Let me continue.” It is hard to get them to stop the speech center in the brain that flows endlessly.

Now I did a little inventory of their possessions again with Socratic questioning and discovered for them their many things which in this day are so common. They had cars and televisions and stereos and cell phones and video games. They bought fast food and power drinks and spent money at entertainment clubs, but considered themselves oppressed by the rich and they were wonton.

Again fighting to get them to listen, I raised my voice, “Do all those things you have bring you Joy?” They mumbled, “Sort of, but those are just toys; it is not what we really want.”

I seized on the moment, “What is it you really want; what is it that will really make you happy.” They went on with a list of bigger and better stuff and of course higher pay.”

I had them where I wanted them, “You have graduated form school and you have read history and the struggles of the past, but you learned nothing, and if you do not place yourself into history and struggle, you will never understand and for this reason I will place you as spoiled, jealous children pampered with toys and this is no ones doing but your own with one exception…, The world teaches you megalomania.

They said, “What?” I said, “You are a ‘nobody’ unless you are a ‘somebody’ and you are jealous and filled with hate and grief and rather than saving your money and educating yourself you spend it all on toys and frivolous times and you do nothing productive to enhance your position, if even that, in some way, will make you happy. You are beset with competition and struggle to grasp the proverbial ‘Brass Ring’ and if you got it, would you then be happy?”

I stated again, “Love, Hate, Joy, Grief, Fear, Jealousy and Grace. You are filled with, Hate, Grief and Fear. You hate your so called oppression, you are jealous over the possessions of others and you fear you will never have what they have. As a result you miss out on Love and Joy and Grace which you can find everyday if you would so choose.”

I added, “History is wasted on you and as of yet you have learned nothing.”

They started in on me, “What about you, you seem to have the so called toys that we have, are you not the same as us?” To which I said, “No, I, not like you, have happiness. I savor what you may call my mediocre existence and account myself rich compared to poverty and with my age and experience, I have won and lost and won again, which you my young friends will do also and thus is the beauty of the differential.”

To this again they said, “What?”

I said, “You can tell a child that the frying pan is hot and to not touch it, but until the child is burned it will not know. I cannot give you happiness, you must find it yourself. I cannot make you feel the suffering of others or have you put on the mantle of that which is taught by history. Blessed is the child that upon hearing the teachings of the father, do his instruction without being burned. I only hope for you that I have pointed the way.”

And there was silence.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A young confidant said to me, “I find the idea of everlasting life absurd in that he would be bored with everything being the same and there would be nothing more to do.” I responded, “Interesting, perhaps ignorance is then bliss, that continuance is best served by the new born, yet unfettered mind?, for if you continue too long you are not impressed with the value of your existence?”

He said, “Logically, if all things were accomplished, he would rather not be than to continue in eternal monotony.” I responded, “Thus is the error of finite thinking that resolves itself to conclusion that eternal life has limitations.”

And now a consideration of relativity as in Einstein’s consideration of time, absolute zero is impossible. This means that for all eternity to pass in zero time would equate to non existence, thus eternity is just that, “eternal.” The progression through time is relative to the observer’s velocity, but velocity relative to what?

Consider Descartes’ existential proof, “I am thinking, therefore I am.” Extended in an objective consideration, “We are thinking, therefore we are.” Thus non existence is disproved, albeit only temporally over the course of recorded history.

Duration or time is only relative to memory, and everlasting life only has meaning if finite life is remembered and thus the differential. You could not know the eternal unless you first know the finite; or rather you must die to live. It can be no other way.

To assume that you understand and have conclusion in your finite realm and thinking only shows your simple limitations.

Sunday, June 3, 2012



I understand
I see, I know, I capitulate
Knowing what?
Knowing a fact.
Is your knowing Objective or Subjective?

Singular understanding.
You perceive something to be fact.
This is your singular subjective observation.

Plural understanding.
You and others agree on a fact.
Is that then Objective?
We understand?

I see the man is dead.
We see the man is dead.
Therefore the man must be dead.

I love.
You say you love.
I cannot feel what you feel.
Therefore I doubt.
I only know that I love,
And your love must be proved.

A God in heaven alone is the God of nothing.

Monday, May 21, 2012



Don’t think in finite terms.
Don’t think that people do not change.
Don’t think that governments cannot be changed.
Don’t think you know it all.
Don’t think that everyone is like you.
Don’t think that people should think like you.
Don’t assume that people are good.
Don’t assume that science is proved.
Don’t presume a finite realm.

What is right today as history has shown, it is a best guess in the realm of the unknown.
So Don’t be surprised if you were wrong.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Oedipus Animal

Oedipus  Greek: Οἰδίπους Oidípous meaning ("swollen foot") was a mythical Greek king of Thebes. He fulfilled a prophecy that said he would kill his father and marry his mother, and thus brought disaster on his city and family. This legend has been retold in many versions, and was used by Sigmund Freud to name the Oedipus complex.

Human sexuality as proved is an amorphous existential observation of a true differential that plots on a hysteretic bell curve that plots to the natural logarithm of what is normal.

There is no possibility that you understood what I just said. So look below.

In biology, a hermaphrodite is an organism that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes.

Homosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality refers to "an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectionate, or romantic attractions" primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex.

Heterosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between persons of opposite sex or gender in the gender binary. As a sexual orientation, heterosexuality refers to "an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, physical or romantic attractions to persons of the opposite sex."

This is a natural log rhythm of hysteresis which is an observed phenomenon derived from practical measurements and mathematical theory.

Statistically heterosexuals occupy the majority of the curve and hermaphrodites and homosexuals are on the outside of the curve. Thus societal acceptance of sexual norms follows the indicated arithmetic if one considers majority statistics indicative and suggestive of what is normal.

Psychosexual infantilism - Psycho-logic defense – Dénouement by Sigmund Freud can be countered by mere simplicity of thought.

Children are effervescent and quiescently blind. They bloom from the darkness of a void of knowledge and become. They respond to their new body that responds to the differentials of hard, soft, light, dark, warm, cold and delight, pain. They cry when discontent and coo when happy.

Instinctually they respond to a physical compulsion of genital stimulation with no rationality and with no emotional connection except self-adulation and these are considered natural. It is no different than nursing on the breast. It involves no learned behavior or permission. It is pre-cognitive.

Procreation would not occur without fornication between male and female, except that in the modern scientific age this is no longer necessary. Now consider beyond the mathematical bell curve, and consider sexuality beyond the purpose of procreation.

The Absurdity of the mechanism of the Orgasm.

Shrouded in the framework of the Human Psyche is a physiological point of ecstasy. Mysteriously planted in our realm and perhaps in the realm of all other species is a psychological / physiological juxtaposition called the orgasm? What does this mean?

Certain physical actions and stimulations and certain thoughts or mental excitations in the metaphysical (thought world) cognition (thinking) causes the orgasm. It requires mental arousal in image and imagination in conjunction with physical stimulation to produce the orgasm.

Children hide their Sexuality.

Instinctually children hide. How is it that they know, not shame but discernment of disclosing their titillation, their excitation and their naked exposure? They feel no quilt but hide their secret.

Brutalization by association.

If you are not like me you are not acceptable.

Again the Existential Absurdity of the Orgasm.

Proved is the biochemical hormonal function of testosterone on the sexual libido of both male and female. Don’t argue this, if you have doubt look it up.

And the King would allow only Eunuchs (castrated males) to serve the Queen.

You cannot describe color to the colorblind; nor sight to the unsighted, or even sound to the deaf, and no mortal can describe the compulsion for the orgasm and children hide their most secret discernment.

The only animal that wears clothes is the human animal. Prolific are the religious scriptures pertaining to nakedness and the insinuation of the shame of your nakedness.
Children as toddlers have no inclination of shame. Quickly, by their parent’s instruction, they are taught to cover and thus we hide our most secret discernment.

And thus we harbor our most critical judgment. Are you chaste (pure, innocent, uncorrupted, virtuous, honorable, and unsullied?)

One might consider that the circumcision of the male is the religious and furthermost extension of naked shame. It calls you to rise above your animal instinct, reconcile the compulsion of the orgasm with responsibility and think about the consequences of your actions. One might consider the Jewish law of circumcision on the eighth day. A child is given no choice, but it is done to them. You will know your shame and we have cut you a priori.

In Judaic Law only is the continuation of the circumcision by law, requiring chastity, condemning infidelity and extramarital fornication.

The Unbridled Libido

Hedonism suggests animal disregard. Fornicating without regard to the connection between the orgasm and procreation is pure animal ignorance. Humans without limits breed without limits and without limits in a finite resource such as the earth; the only control is the natural collapse of the system.

There is no defense against the all powerful orgasm without law and education. You will have to watch the suffering on scales you cannot imagine.

The Oedipus Animal

Well known is the fact that the male animal sire, such as that in cats and dogs, wolves and lions will kill the young males and eat them. It is assumed that they are eliminating their possible sexual competition. It would stand to reason that if a male animal survived, thanks to its mother’s protection, that he would be endeared to his mother and come into competition with his father; perhaps not over the mother alone, but for all the females. Existential scientific observation bears out this truth.

The Nurturing Father

Not uncommon in all species is the male that assumes the female role in nurturing the young, both the male and female offspring; this is especially true in the human animal since there is no record of fathers killing sons for fear of competition. Placing the human male as a villain by generalization has no statistical foundation. It cannot even be placed on the bell curve because factual documentation can find no incident of the Oedipus Complex in reality. It only exists in mythology. After adolescence the male is nurtured by the fathers adoration to guard and protect and instruct the male child as to the nature, strength and toughness that is extraordinarily required of him. These are isolation, suppression of weak emotions, endurance and competition. This is done by a nurturing father to build strength in his son for protection and confidence building.

Thus the Oedipus Complex as to the male child in competition for the mothers affection should be laid to rest as a fallacy so rare that it cannot fit in to any statistical model.

Again the Oedipus Animal

The world is in danger of overpopulation due only to the hormonal compulsion for the orgasm. Copulation as freewill renders us powerless. Rendering the female with unwanted child and worse of all, abandoned for she has no means to support the offspring.

The only peril

A society that cannot control blatant ignorant copulation and unbridled population growth will surely perish.

Simple Answer

Require Legitimacy and Responsibility.
Provide Free birth control
Provide Free Tubal Ligation's and Vasectomies.
Allow early intervention with RU486
Preserve a woman’s choice.
Hold both parents accountable financially.
Teach abstinence, responsibility, love and respect for the child.

If you are looking for a point at which the soul enters the body, consider this from the Hebrew Genesis 7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

One might consider that the first breath of the infant is the entry of the soul and it awakes to life and becomes an autonomous entity.    

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rendering Compassion

Rendering Compassion; perhaps distilling your care.
How do I know if my concern has been usurped, am I a fool and when do I discern?

Mine own heart is stopped at this consideration by the very charge that is presented before us. In the tempest of destruction, whom do you chose to save? I choose all who cry out, and I reach out to raise them up in want of my very soul for I assume they are of kindred kind and I so wanted to save them, and then they devoured me in deception.

How can one discern? How can one know? Know only your honesty to yourself.