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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shiny Gifts

Shiny gifts of diamonds and gold and the lust to provide your heart throb with enticing magnetism to draw her to physically succumb and rend herself to your desires and not withstanding the modern acceptance of cross gender indulgence, this is brought to mind...

     Shaka kaSenzangakhona the Zulu chief conquered by the English in the 18th century made a political statement that astounded the English commanders and statesmen.
     How do you catch a monkey? His response was “You put something shiny in a bottle.” The monkey will reach to grab the shiny thing and grasp it tightly. The monkey so wants the shiny thing that it will not let go. It cannot run away with the weight of the bottle and it will not let go of its prize. You can then grab the monkey and roast it for dinner.
     Never consider yourself to be more than a monkey chasing a shiny thing, an animal called to higher thought. Can you overcome. A diamond is just a rock and the monkey will sell its soul to have it.

King Shaka of the Zulu

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